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Don't miss this incredible opportunity to earn a Tier 1 commission of between $250 and $570 for each upgraded referral that's 40% and a Tier 2 Commission of between $32 to $72 that's a further 5% when your referrals upgrade and you earn this for as long as they are on the Zenler platform!. Get excited and learn more by following our easy step-by-step guide (Steps 1, 2, 3), and start building your fortune today! 

Zenler Commission between $250 to $570
Be a Winner with Zenler

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Sign Up for Zenler, if you already with us jump to the generating a referral link part of the video!
2. Log in and Set Up Your Referral.
3. Utilize the Special Referral Link or Use the Generated Link.
4. Share It with Your Audience.
5.Witness Your Earnings Roll In.

Zenler Partner Program: "Your Gateway to Up to $570 in Earnings!"

Supercharge your earnings as a Zenler referral partner with the game-changing Custom Referral Link. Elevate your potential and seize up to a staggering 40% commission.

Tier 1 Commission between $250 to $570 and a further Tier 2 Commission of between $32 to $72 when your referrals upgrade and you earn this for as long as they are on the Zenler platform!

Zenler Partner Program: "New Custom referral URL makes earning even easier"

Now, envision this: you wield the ability to turn any ordinary URL into a 💰 revenue-generating machine. Experience the seamless magic of the ✨ referral cookie, effortlessly attributing every pro or premium sign-up to your exclusive 🤝 Partner account.

Are you ready to witness the transformation? Brace yourself for the future of 🔗 referral partnerships – it's here, and it's awe-inspiring. 🚀🔥

The Old Way:
In the past, you could simply send a referral directly to the site, and from that point, a 🍪 cookie would be dropped. When they signed up, you would be awarded the referral in your dashboard and would receive a commission when they upgraded.

The New Way:
Don't fret! Nothing has changed in your dashboard, so no extra learning required! However, now you can send them to any URL, and the cookie will be dropped. So, if they later go to Zenler and sign up, you will receive the referral and gain a commission from their upgrade!  The Benefits for You: Imagine you have a conference, or even someone else has a conference, live event, or website, and you want to drive your audience to this resource and then introduce them to Zenler. Now, you can use a 🌐 custom link that will drop a cookie (Your Cookie) on their computer. Once they sign up at Zenler, the referral is yours!

Case Study:
You have a large audience, and you aim to earn commissions on signups to Zenler. Zenler is hosting a conference or event on their site (not yours). Now, you can generate a 🔗 URL REFERRAL LINK to the Zenler conference or event. Share it with your audience, and when they click the link, a cookie will be placed. Upon attending the event and signing up for Zenler, the referral becomes yours! As usual, the referral will appear in your dashboard. 

Zenler Special custom referral link setup

Did you know you could even use Zenler to setup up special pages to send your adience to! see the video

Special URL[YOUR ID]&url=[YOUR URL]